In Production

During the late 1970s the Canadian hard rock scene was coming into its own with bands such as Rush and Triumph on their way to becoming international stars. Right there with them was GODDO a hard rock power trio that seemed destined to reach the same heights. But fate is a fickle mistress and right when things looked brightest it all came crashing down. What went wrong? Why did one of Canada’s premier bands of the time fail to garner the fame they so rightly deserved?

In Goddo We Trust is a documentary movie by producer John Power from All Access Productions ... EyeDrop Video is proud to provide editing and camera services for this project.

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In Pre-Production

In the history of Canadian rock clubs there is one that stands above all the rest ... The Gasworks. For a quarter century it was home and host to famous, near famous, and dare we say infamous hard rock acts of the era.

Don’t Call Last Call is a documentary movie by Ben Bergmann and EyeDrop Video with co-production from All Access Productions.

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